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Just hours before Jesus was betrayed by one of His followers and arrested by the Romans and crucified, He told His disciples to remember Him. He took the bread and the wine at that last supper with His friends and said the broken bread and the wine was to be a reminder of His broken body and blood for the complete forgiveness of all sin.

The prophet Isaiah saw Him in the Spirit hundreds of years before His birth in Bethlehem, saying, “Your King comes to you, O Israel. Riding upon a donkey, even the colt of a donkey.” The indescribable and majestic Creator of the universe comes to you. Riding on the colt of a donkey. To give Himself for you. Behold the humility of God.

The prophet Isaiah also prophesied that the Lord would remove the iniquity of mankind in a day! That was the day. The day Jesus was crucified. Jesus said Abraham saw His day also and was glad. But, Isaiah said, who has believed our report? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? He shall grow up as a tender plant in dry ground. The iniquities of us all shall be laid on Him. He was wounded for our transgressions and by the stripes He took on His body we are healed.

He asked us to remember Him. We who believe in Him, do remember Him.

We remember that His death removed all our sin and His resurrection was in essence an act of creation which gave us new life and a new identity as the sons and daughters of God. If you are a believer, you died and were raised again when you first believed in Jesus. Since then, you have been living as one who has already been raised from the dead! A new creation! What an awesome mystery!

Rejoice because you left death behind you when you believed and only life is in you now! Eternal life! His life! Believers are hidden with Christ inside of God surrounded by the great love of the Father forever!

Jesus did it all and we remember Him. We remember His love. There is great power in remembering that your sins are no longer being counted against you because you have believed on Jesus. There is an unexplainable power in remembering Jesus.

James Barron

Heaven’s Star

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On the night of His birth a star shone brightly above Him. Heaven sent Him to us and the bright heavenly light was God’s way of saying that heaven was coming to man. All through the years man has asked himself how he might somehow get to heaven, but God brought heaven to man.

God would become a man and experience for the first time what it was like to live as a man among men. He now knows us like He could never know us before. He knows our fears, our hopes, our pain, our laughter. He has looked at the stars He made through the pupil of a human eye while standing barefoot in the sand on the earth He created. His star in the night sky signaled to all mankind that He wanted to be one of us, that He might be with us and we with Him.

He called Himself the Door. The Way. The Gate. All who believe in Him enter through that Door to heaven’s reality. Heaven has come to man when man could not go to heaven. He calls all men to believe on Him for the forgiveness of all sin. He was born to die that our sins would be removed forever and His everlasting righteousness might be given as a free gift to all who believe. Those who believe Him enter into the new world. His new world. As it is in heaven, so it is now on earth in the Spirit. Where all things are possible. Where all things are new. Where all His love abides.

We believe and rest in His love and are satisfied. Abide in Him by growing in your awareness of Him as your peace and your life. Heaven has come to you in Him. He shall be called Emmanuel! God with us! He is with us now and every day, even unto the end of the world!

James Barron


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The growth and increase of fruit in the believer’s life is a “manifestation” of the life of Jesus that is already present. Most teaching in the church today is based on an Old Covenant model of the believer being the clay and God being the potter. God spins us around and around and applies pressure to form the clay to make His desired form and then He bakes us in intense heat to harden us to be strong. It all sounds very spiritual and plausible in light of the stuff this world throws at us and in light of the stuff we deal with in our flesh but it is a false view of the new dynamic that is now in Christ under the New Covenant. A new creation has come and is! Now the game is all about “seeing what is in the invisible” that “what is” might be “manifested and made visible!”

God’s will is to change our “potter mentality” to another reality, namely, a “new creation mentality!” (Hebrews 10:9) Through Jesus, God has terminated the Adamic race on the cross and raised a new race in His resurrection. Death and resurrection are not consistent with a “clay and potter mentality.” The new and living way is completely different.

I love the verse in Jeremiah (and quoted in Hebrews) where the prophet speaks for the Lord saying, “I will make a new covenant, which will NOT BE LIKE the covenant that I made with Israel when I brought them out of Egypt.” (Jeremiah 31:31-32)

The covenant of law is so different from the covenant of grace that those who were experts in the covenant of law (Paul) vehemently opposed God’s new covenant, thinking they were doing God’s will by fighting against it! It took a revelation from Jesus Himself to open Paul’s eyes to see what God had done through the promised Messiah!

The clay and potter mentality is all about shaping the natural. The military does it every day. The new creation mentality is supernatural. It’s a miracle of God that need only be “seen” to release the power of it. It is a DIFFERENT dynamic. To “behold” is to become manifestly what already “is” invisibly!

Makes sense that if God says the new covenant would NOT BE LIKE the old covenant that the dynamic of a covenant for the natural flesh (the law) would be a completely DIFFERENT dynamic from a covenant for a new spiritual creation born from above.

In the “clay and potter mentality” we are trying to get somewhere as contrasted from a new spiritual creation perspective where we are living from our destination, resting in our “port of call,” so to speak.

The New Covenant is not only about a different dynamic, but also about a different goal. Becoming more Christ-like is not the goal really but rather that is a by-product of the goal. The goal is fellowship and intimacy with our God through union. A bridegroom and a bride experiencing life together.

Even the goal is clearly seen as different in the New Covenant. The people under the Old Covenant knew nothing about “God teaching them Himself from within” or “God as Abba” or “God as Husband” or an unfettered access into the heavens to the very throne of God Himself, His throne of grace.

These are the things of the Spirit that are being revealed to us by the Spirit that our minds might be renewed day by day and our joy be made full in our journey with God, living on earth as it is in heaven. No more a “clay and potter mentality!” A “new creation mentality!”

As the prophet Isaiah said, speaking for the Lord about what was coming when Messiah would appear: “Behold! I do a new thing! Consider not the things of old! For I do a completely new thing!”

James Barron

The Last Day

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“For it will be a unique day which is known to the Lord, neither day nor night, but it will come about that at evening time there will be light.” Zechariah 14:7

It will be like any other ordinary day, yet it will be after a time of many days when great stress and fear reigns in the world among those who do not know Him. His people will have a growing sense inwardly of something wonderful coming. Many believers will not know why they feel this.

On the last day the sky will change. It will appear as the color of a beautiful sunset with golden clouds and red streaks and light blue. It will feel like the ending of a day. This sky will appear all over the world at the same time. Those in the night will see the sky lighten and those in bright noon day light will see the sky soften as if the day is coming to an end.

Then believers will have a strange feeling inside them. It will be like a tingling feeling and it will come from the chest area. Then there will be a feeling of great joy. Unexplainably great joy. Then the tingling feeling will expand and go to the head and the arms and the legs. Until the whole body is fully aware of something wrapping around the body, yet invisible. Then we will know. We will look up instinctively and the sky will seem to burst as fireworks with glorious colors and streaks and a loud sound as a million trumpets and horns are heard! The sound is angelic and not of this world!

As the majestic and awesome sound of the unseen realm fills the earth, the sky will roll back and behind the golden sky, as in a sunset, we will see into the unseen realm like never before! We will see a light that is so bright that the sun’s light looks dirty compared to it and this bright, clear light does not hurt the eyes of the believers. Those that do not know Him will begin to scream and wail and the light will hurt their eyes. We will see millions of angels in array in this bright light as in a stadium, rows and rows of angels. In the center of the angels we will see a single man with fire all around Him. It will be Jesus.

Then the tingling feeling will intensify the moment our eyes see Jesus and our physical bodies will dissolve and we will rise upward and upward without fear. We will become aware that our bodies have suddenly become new and immortal and very strong. The physical change is sudden, in the twinkling of an eye. From mortal body to immortal body.

We will see the earth below catching fire everywhere as the creation itself begins to melt with fervent heat. But we shall be engulfed by sweet breezes and the bright light of the unseen realm. Millions will arise to where Jesus is descending in bright, gleaming clouds all around Him. The music heard is like nothing ever heard on earth. Imagine the Hallelujah Chorus but 1,000 times better! And He shall reign forever and ever!

The love that fills us is amazing. The joy is full and never ending. Everything old is being dissolved and all things are now becoming new all around us. There are no words to describe it. There are no words. Then we shall see Him face to face up close. It will be as if He is only looking at you. It will be as though we have always known Him and that He has always known us. His eyes are the eyes of a lover and friend. He smiles big and it is just indescribable the love that fills us! We are home!

James Barron

Married To The Flesh And Not To The Law

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(Understanding What the Apostle Paul is Really Saying in Romans 7)

The apostle Paul in his letter to the saints in Rome used the existing Jewish law at the time concerning marriage and remarriage as a metaphor to give further insight into the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Most Bible teachers say that Paul was teaching in Romans, chapter 7, that we were once “married to the law” but now through the death of Jesus we are no longer “married to the law” and are now married to Jesus who was raised from the dead, if we have believed on Jesus for the forgiveness of our sin.

That interpretation does not fit the metaphor that Paul used in his letter and it actually misses one of the main points Paul is making in chapters 7 and 8 of Romans concerning the flesh. Paul is not saying we were once “married to the law” but rather he is saying that we were once “married to the flesh” or “in the flesh” or “joined to the flesh.” The metaphor of a husband and wife in the apostle’s thinking in this passage is a reference to how we are joined to the Adamic race by natural birth and live in the flesh under the jurisdiction of law as the sons of the fallen Adam. In chapters 5 and 6 of Romans the apostle discusses how the race of Adam has been terminated and a new race springing forth from the Last Adam, even Jesus, has come.

To be released from the law, our husband must die so we can be married to another, as illustrated in the Jewish law of marriage and remarriage that Paul is using as a metaphor. Paul is saying that our husband is the flesh and the flesh must die to release the inner man from the lineage of Adam and of this creation so that the inner man can be raised from spiritual deadness and created new by the Spirit and placed in union with Jesus who is raised from the dead.

Here are the actual words of the apostle Paul:

“Or do you not know, brothers (for I am speaking to those who know the law), that the law has jurisdiction over a person as long as he lives? For the married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is living, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law concerning her husband. So then if, while her husband is living, she is joined to another man, she shall be called an adulteress, but if her husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she is not an adulteress, though she is joined to another man.

Therefore, my brothers, you also were made to die to the law through the body of Christ that you might be joined to another, to Him who was raised from the dead, that we might bear fruit for God. For while we were in the flesh, the sinful passions, which were aroused by the law, were at work in the members of our body, to bear fruit for death. But now we have been released from the law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.” (Romans 7:1-6)

See it?

The apostle Paul is saying we were once “in the flesh” or “married to the flesh” or “in our sins” and the law that we were under and bound by (because all natural men in Adam are under the law of God) actually aroused sinful passions “in the members of our body to bear fruit for death.” Paul says that we were made to die “by the body of Christ.” A few verses down Paul says that God sent “His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh!” (Romans 8:3) Through this amazing mystery, God was able to judge our sinful flesh “by the body of Christ,” who took on our flesh and blood as a man, for God made Jesus “who knew no sin, to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God!” (II Cor. 5:21)

To teach the saints that we were once “married to the law” is not only just wrong it conceals the real point that the apostle is trying to make about the flesh. If you believe Paul is saying we were “married to the law” and therefore the law was our husband, then the metaphor does not work. The law does not die and in the metaphor that Paul is using it is the husband that dies so that the wife can be married to another man. The law never dies. We must die to the law to be released from it. The body of Christ on the cross corresponds with our “sinful flesh” that we were once “married to” or “joined to.” It is not only confusing to teach that we were once “married to the law” it also robs the saints of the rich meaning in the apostle’s words in Romans 7 and 8 concerning God’s circumcision of the body of our flesh to release the inner man to be joined to the risen Christ through the Spirit. (Col. 2:11)

The death of Jesus was in reality the death of the old man. The old man is defined as a spiritually dead inner man who is joined to the flesh of this creation from the family of Adam. That spiritually dead inner man is “the wife” in the metaphor that desperately needs a new husband. We were crucified with Christ, Paul tells us in his letter to the Galatians. This was the only way to release the inner man from the flesh so that the inner man could be joined to another.

Do you see how the inner man, the real person composed of both soul and spirit, is the wife in the metaphor and the flesh is the husband that must die to release her from the law? The wife is now free to be married to another because she is free from the law according to the metaphor that Paul is using from Jewish law.

That’s why the apostle Paul in almost every verse of Romans 7 and 8 discusses how we are now no longer “in the flesh” but “in the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus,” the resurrected One. He goes into great detail about how the power of sin has been quarantined in the “members of our body” and how “no good thing dwells in our flesh” even though his new, inner man delights in the things of God. He explains a great revelation that God gave him about how just knowing right from wrong in your mind is no match for the power of “sin which is in the members of your body” and that the power of sin will take you prisoner every time if you are trying to “serve the law of God” with your mind, as opposed to serving God Himself by His Spirit. See the difference?

Hear the apostle Paul’s own words: “For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, but I see a different law (or principle) in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind (the knowledge of right and wrong) and making me a prisoner of the law (or principle) of sin which is in my members (in the physical body itself). Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? Thanks be to God [I am set free] through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (Romans 7:22-25)

The apostle then explains in chapter 8 of Romans in great detail how the new reality we enjoy in union with the life of Christ is a superior principle, even the “law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus,” and that new dynamic is able to “put to death the deeds of the body!” For we no longer “serve God” in the oldness of the letter or by the law, but rather we “serve God” in the newness of the Spirit of life in Jesus. Notice that the apostle says we never go back to the law to “serve God.” Some teach that the law cannot save you but after you are saved by grace through faith in Jesus the law is a rule of life that believers need to use in their service to God. The apostle Paul says no! The law still has the power to arouse sin in the members of our body because the law is not of faith and if you try to “serve God” in the oldness of the letter of the law and not in the newness of the Spirit, you will quickly find the power of sin taking you captive once again as the apostle taught. Paul taught that the law was the very power of sin. (I Cor. 15:56) The law does not cease to be the power or strength of sin after we are believers because the law is not according to grace or faith.

The apostle exhorts us in chapter 8 of Romans to set our minds on the new heavenly reality and see that the old man is really dead and a new man has come into being by the creative act of God Himself. For our God is able to raise the dead and call into being that which did not exist before! (Romans 4:17) We are the beloved sons and daughters of God Himself and therefore His heirs of all He is and has. The wife cries out to the risen and exalted Jesus, her new Husband, and says “my Beloved!” Nothing shall ever be able to separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord! (Romans 8:39) Jesus is the Door and through Him we have passed through death and judgment, having been cut away from our sinful flesh by the hand of God Himself, and have entered into a whole new world in His Spirit. Behold the Kingdom of God is now within you and the honeymoon never ends with your new Husband!

James Barron

Only The Perfect Go To Heaven

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God is love and He is perfect. Contrary to what some people say, He is not repulsed by our imperfections. He does not despise us because of our sins. He is attracted to our imperfections and weaknesses because His love desires to meet our needs and provide for all our lack. His heart toward man is to open his blind eyes, heal his broken heart, set him free from all bondages and be a loving Father to him.

Having said all that, it is also true that God who is perfect cannot join Himself to us in our imperfection. His love for us has provided a way for us to be made perfect by faith in Jesus, His only Son. Jesus became our sin (our imperfection) for us and died in judgment for us on the cross that we might be given His righteousness (His perfection) as a gift.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that we can be joined to God because He is love and He loves us. We are not forgiven because God is love. We are forgiven because it cost Him the life of His Son. We are forgiven because of the bloody and violent death of Jesus, the Lamb of God, who took our judgment for us on the cross.

It was God’s love for mankind that sent the Son and it was the Son’s love for mankind that caused Him to not consider equality with God the Father a thing to be held onto but willingly humbled Himself and became a man to die for man on a cross. But had the Son called for those twelve legions of angels (72,000 angels) in the garden to protect Him and take Him from the earth on that fateful night (which Jesus said He could do in Matt 26:53) and had He not willingly taken the cup of God’s wrath for our sin, God would still be love but we would perish and be lost forever in our imperfections and sins.

Never think that God will forgive our sin just because He loves us. If we do not receive the perfection of God that He offers to all people as a gift through faith in Jesus then we will die in our imperfection, separated from God forever in our sins. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus looked down over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives and wept saying, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem. How often I would have gathered you like a mother hen gathers her little chicks under her wings to protect them, but you would not let Me. Because you did not receive Me, your enemies will now surround you and you will perish.”

Only the perfect go to heaven. Only the perfect can be joined to God and live forever. Only the perfect can enjoy fellowship with the God of all comfort and grace. And the Good News is that He has given us His own perfection as a gift that we might be perfect and always be where He is. Faith in Jesus alone gives us this unspeakable gift of perfection. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by Me.”

A Hideous Love

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It is a hideous love, and really not love at all, that loves evil. It is true that God loves all men but it is also true that God hates all evil. This is what must be understood clearly in order to know who God really is. Jesus hates evil.

It is not enough to teach the saints to put off the deeds of the old man and to put on the deeds of the new man, to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. Few “grace teachers” even do that much. But we who teach the awesome grace of God must also reveal who the Father really is as Jesus revealed Him relative to God’s view of sin.

Jesus resisted and opposed evil in every form while on earth, sometimes with anger (remember the money changers in the temple). Even then He was doing His Father’s business and showing us the Father. Some have mistaken grace to mean that God no longer has an opinion about sin. Nothing could be further from the truth. This false notion about God has opened the door to the false teachings of “Christian Universalism” and “Inclusionism” and “Gay Theology.”

To know God through Jesus is to hate evil. This is one of the things that is missing in the present teaching on the grace of God from some teachers. Jesus did not leave this important truth about the Father out of His teachings and neither should we.

I’ve been pondering on why so many believers who have come to see the grace of God in Jesus have also been persuaded to embrace a false grace that teaches that all are saved now (Inclusionism) or will, at some point in the future, all be saved (Christian Universalism) or that same-gender sexual relations is not evil (Gay Theology).

I think the error stems from an incomplete view of who God really is. Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians talks about Jesus coming back with flaming fire and great power to bring eternal judgment upon all those who did not obey His Gospel! We obey His Gospel by simply believing on Jesus for the gift of righteousness for there is no one good, no not one, but for those who have rejected Him there will be no mercy, Hebrews says. No mercy. This God is foreign to many “grace believers” and yet this is the true God revealed to us by Jesus and His apostles.

God does not forgive our sins because He is love. God forgives our sins because of the death of Jesus who took our judgment for all our sins. God’s love sent Him but without the Son’s willingness to drink the cup of God’s wrath for us we could not be forgiven!

Hebrews says “how shall we escape punishment if we neglect so great a salvation?” Paul says “behold the goodness and severity of God! Goodness toward you who have believed and severity toward those who have not believed.” Jesus said that if a man does not believe in Him then that man would die in his sins and face the judgment for all his sins.

If we clearly taught these views of God that the apostles taught, then it would be more difficult for the enemy to persuade believers to adopt these teachings about a false grace. Some believers and non-believers are rejecting the scripture all together so they can imagine a God that is more to their liking with no hindrance from the prophetic word. Some have foolishly adopted the views of contemporary writers who claim, after doing their own “research,” that the scriptures are not a reliable source of truth. As the scripture says, they are doing what is right in their own eyes. Many of those who adopt a view different from the scriptures do so in order that they may live their own selfish, fleshly life without hindrance, all the while preaching their misguided and hideous view of the love of God.

We must also remember that the true God is a God of covenants. The covenant that Jesus cut for mankind, the final everlasting covenant, can only be entered into by man through faith in Jesus. A covenant only applies to the parties to the covenant. In this new covenant, God says He will remember our sins no more. The question is who are those whose sin God no longer remembers and how do they come to be in that covenant?

Being in the final “blood covenant” is the only way sin is not remembered. If a person is not in God’s covenant then they have no hope. Only through faith in Jesus can one enter into the only covenant God recognizes for a relationship with Him. Jesus took the cup and said this cup is the New Covenant! To “drink His blood and eat His flesh” is the only way to be in His New Covenant and to possess life eternal.

For those outside the everlasting covenant that Jesus cut for us the scripture says in Hebrews that there remains no other sacrifice for sin but only a fearful certainty of judgment that will devour those who have rejected the Lamb of God and trodden under foot the blood of the Son of God and refused His amazing grace. It is a hideous love that misrepresents the true love of God and Father of Jesus our Lord by denying that a certain eternal judgment is coming upon all who have rejected His Son, the Lamb of God. It is a hideous love that fails to warn all men to repent (change their mind) and believe on Jesus for the forgiveness of sin, for there remains no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. This is the true love of the Father as revealed to mankind by the Son of His love.

James Barron


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A popular phrase among many believers these days, especially among those who have come to see by revelation of the Spirit the awesome grace of God in the finished work of Jesus, is “Jesus Plus Nothing.” The phrase is a response to the mixture of law and grace coming from so much of the teachings in so many of the churches around the world. It is so true that men have added to the message of the good news of the grace of God, requiring everything from water baptism to good behavior to church membership to giving money for the Kingdom of God and more in order for someone to be forgiven by God and born of His Spirit. To be sure, much ground has been taken in this regard as the message of God’s pure grace is spreading to more and more people causing the giving of thanks to abound from many to the glory of God! (II Cor. 4:15) A world-wide awakening is really happening right now in our generation regarding the grace of God and regarding what Jesus’ death and resurrection really means for mankind and this awakening is going to continue to spread with more intensity.

We need to remember that any expansion of the light into this dark world will stimulate opposition from the darkness. This opposition comes in many forms and in many ways. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is breaking forth into the world and the violent are resisting it forcefully!” (Matt. 11:12) Religious men and non-religious men resisted Jesus and they will resist us who believe in Jesus. The apostle Paul said that we should not be surprised that Satan can make himself appear as an angel of light and his ministers as preachers of righteousness! (II Cor. 11:14-15) We have an enemy. He is first and foremost the enemy of Jesus and also the enemy of all who follow Jesus. The scripture calls him Satan. One of Satan’s strategies to stop the spread of the good news of Jesus is by false teachings, teachings from men that distort the glorious good news of Jesus. The apostle Paul said that we are not ignorant of Satan’s strategies or his ways. Some believers I know do not even believe there is a Satan, much less an evil strategy designed to stop the spread of the good news. Jesus said we are to be “wise as serpents but harmless as doves.” Jesus warned us that Satan would resist us as he resisted Him because we belong to Him and as His sons and daughters we carry the message of our gracious King to a broken world.

So what is wrong with saying “Jesus Plus Nothing?” True believers, born of God’s Spirit, can get off track in their thinking and adopt views that are contrary to the scriptures. They are still believers in Christ but their thinking needs to be renewed by the Spirit. Consider the apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians. There are well-meaning believers that become “carriers” of wrong thinking much like someone with a contagious disease, infecting other believers with their wrong thinking. The mantra “Jesus Plus Nothing” can be misunderstood to mean that faith is not required. Perhaps those who use this phrase intend for faith to be assumed, but we should never assume that the hearer understands that belief is necessary. We should speak with all boldness, calling people to believe on Jesus.

The truth is that it is “Jesus Plus Faith” that inherits the promises of complete forgiveness and eternal life. The writer to the Hebrews says that the good news of Jesus will not profit those who do not believe it. (Heb. 4:2) The apostle Paul said that only one law remains, “the law of faith.” (Rom. 3:27) Jesus said the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin because “they believe not on Jesus.” (John 16:8-9) The apostle Paul taught that if someone did not believe in Jesus then Jesus’ finished work would be of no benefit to that unbeliever. No benefit. (Gal. 5:2)

God was in Christ reconciling the whole world unto Himself, the apostle Paul tells us, and then he writes that the very Christ that died for all people was in Paul by the Spirit beseeching the world to receive Jesus’ work that they might be reconciled to God! (II Cor. 5:19-20) Jesus is a gift and a gift must be received in order to benefit the intended beneficiary. God has decreed that the gift of His Son be received by faith, for so it seemed good in the Father’s sight to do so. Those who receive this abundant grace and the gift of righteousness, which is Jesus Himself, shall reign in life by Christ Jesus. (Rom. 5:17)

God has given every human being the “ability to believe” but He will not believe the truth for man. It must be man’s choice. Men believe all kinds of things. Man was made to believe. Animals do not believe. Fish do not believe. Insects do not believe. Animals, fish and insects have instincts, they can learn behavior, etc., but only man can believe. When the message of the good news of Jesus comes to an unbeliever, the message itself brings light into their darkened mind and heart. The Gospel is the power of God and it can penetrate any darkness and bring light to the unregenerated mind. In His light we shall see light, the scripture says. (Psalm 36:9) Jesus said, “Believe in the light while you have the light that you might become the children of light.” (John 12:36) By that statement Jesus is clearly teaching that an unbeliever can believe. In another place it is written, “Today if you hear My voice, harden not your heart!” (Heb. 3:7) Man has a choice.

Jesus calls all people to believe on Him. Jesus said if you believe on Me you will not die in your sins and therefore not be judged for your sins, but if you do not believe in Me you will die in your sins and face the judgment for your sins. (John 8:24 & John 5:24)

Here are a few of the distortions out there regarding “faith” and the Gospel of Jesus. The following statements numbered one, two and three are all false and unscriptural :

1. God gives saving faith to only an elect few after sovereignly regenerating them and all others are doomed and have no choice in the matter. Since faith is a work, even faith is not from man but given from God so the person will believe in Jesus, otherwise it is not all of grace; (Calvinism or Reformed Theology)

2. Everyone will eventually believe and be saved whether in this life or after death and after death there is a time of purging where the unbelievers eventually believe; (Christian Universalism or Universal Reconciliation)

3. Everyone received the Holy Spirit automatically after Jesus died and was raised from the dead and therefore all people on earth have Christ in them and eternal life, they just don’t know it yet, so faith is not really essential. Faith in this life just helps you enjoy the blessings of God now but after death, because you already have the Holy Spirit, heaven is your destination. (Inclusionism)

Grace and faith. They cannot be separated. Faith is not a work of merit for which we can boast. Faith is simply a response to the finished work of Jesus through which we receive His gift of His righteousness that He extends to us! Without faith it is impossible to please God, the scripture says. (Heb. 11:6) As the apostle Paul said, “Therefore it is by faith, that it might be according to grace, to the end that the promise might be sure to all . . .” (Rom. 4:16)

See it?

Faith is “according to grace” or in other words “consistent with grace.” Faith is not contrary to grace as some teach. Faith is not a burden. Faith is the rest. We should boldly call people to believe on Jesus for the forgiveness of all sin and the gift of eternal life. Jesus said that we should shout it from the housetops the good news of forgiveness and life in Him! The word of His grace is spreading to more and more people and it is a word that calls for faith. The apostle Paul was sent to call the nations to the “obedience of faith.” (Rom. 16:26) What is the victory that overcomes the world? Even our faith, the apostle John tells us! (I John 5:4) What is the shield that dissolves all the fiery darts from our enemy? The shield of faith the apostle Paul tells us! (Eph. 6:16)

“Jesus plus faith in Jesus” is life and peace forever! Jesus plus nothing is a delusion and a distortion of the Gospel. Jesus said, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)

James Barron


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There is a Door. A Door that opens to another place where you will find true life, true peace and true joy within. There is another reality you can experience now while the world around you is going mad. While the world is calling good evil and calling evil good. There is a love that you can feel all the time. Feel. All the time. No exceptions. Because He is love.

This is the good news of the Kingdom within. Another reality in the Spirit. Paul clearly writes about the believer being “translated from one kingdom to another kingdom” and from one realm to another realm.
You rarely, if ever, hear this view taught and yet Jesus spoke like this saying “I am the Door.”

One of the profound mysteries of the kingdom of heaven is the fact that it is a parallel reality to be experienced now in this world in the Spirit.
It is referred to as the “good news of the kingdom of the beloved Son” because it is incredibly good news! We can literally escape the madness around us in this world and enjoy the fellowship of the Father and the Son! This is not just a theory or wishful thinking, it is real.

Jesus lived in that other realm as He walked among us. It explains His peace. His vision. His words. He came to reconcile all mankind to the Father so that we could follow Him to the Father beyond the veil! The habitat of the new creation is the realm from which he or she came. New Jerusalem ab ove is our mother, the apostle Paul tells us. We are drawn to our mother without effort because that is where we are from!

This is the real meaning of the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus proclaimed! He said it was at hand (here now in time and not just a future reality) and that it was near (here close and accessible now and not far away in heaven above). Jesus said, “Repent (or change your mind)! The Kingdom of Heaven is here now and near now! It is in Me and it shall be in you! For the Kingdom of Heaven does not come like men think. It shall be within you.”

“I am the Door,” Jesus said. The only door that opens to the Father.

A parallel reality “in the Spirit” is on the other side of that door.

If you are born of the Spirit then you are always in the Spirit. Always. If you are not born of the Spirit then you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus said. Our minds are being renewed to understand this new parallel reality in Christ. We have truly become the dwelling place of God! We in Jesus and Jesus in us. Where He is, so are we also. Where we are, so is He also.

We do not always walk in the Spirit but we always live in the Spirit, as Paul said to the Galatians, “If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit.” Walking in the Spirit is a function of revelation of the things of the Spirit and faith. We go from faith to greater faith and from His glory being manifested in our lives to a greater manifestation of His glory in our lives.

A parallel reality. A Door where we can go in and out and find pasture while walking on this earth. A hidden place where we find food to eat that those who serve the physical tabernacle (the copies of the heavenly things and not the heavenly things themselves) or those who worship the god of humanism know nothing about.

He has opened a door that cannot be shut and shut a door that cannot be opened! The door of law and flesh has been shut and the door of grace and Spirit has been opened. This is the awesome glad news of the Kingdom of Heaven that swept through cities and turned the world upside down! Jesus reconciled the whole world to the Father so that whosoever would believe on Jesus would receive the complete forgiveness of all sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit which would carry them to His realm and out of the realm of the darkness in this world so that where He is they may be also. The Father in the Son and the Son in the Father, and now for all who believe, the Son in the believer and the believer in the Son.

You see this in type and shadow all through the scriptures. We see it foreshadowed in the exodus of Israel from the land of Egypt through a miraculous “door” in the parting of the Red Sea because the judgment of God “passed over” them through the blood of the lamb on the door. It was the “door” where the blood was placed symbolizing an escape from one place to another place. Through a door. From the land of bondage or Egypt to the land of freedom or to Israel, the land flowing with milk and honey!

Giants in the land speak of the parallel reality of a fallen world even as we live and walk in the land of promise which is Christ Jesus. Through faith we possess what has already been given to us in Christ. We enjoy more and more of “who we are in Him” as our minds are renewed by the Spirit to the things of the Spirit and to the thoughts of God.

I really believe most of the church has missed this whole thing about the kingdom just like it has missed it about law and grace. In fact, seeing the grace of God and the finished work of Jesus is the reason we can see more of what is real. The veil remains when we are stuck on law but when we see that all law has been fulfilled in Jesus then the veil is removed and we see heavenly things as we are able to receive them.

We see past the copies of the heavenly things and see the heavenly things themselves. When you see that Jesus was bringing this new world to earth in the Spirit, this new reality, then His words come alive with meaning. Having Him as a door whereby we go in and out to find pasture in a fallen world is truly amazing and ingenious.

We see it foreshadowed even in the very beginning in Noah’s Ark and the flood of the earth. There was a world full of evil and if you walked through “the door” of the Ark, after some rain and floating around and finally resting on dry land, you could walk through that same door to another world where there was no evil, so to speak. And yet it was the same earth. Same mountains but no evil with a rainbow glistening above in the blue sky as a symbol of God’s mercy. The first time rainbows had ever been seen on earth.

All of this was a picture painted by the Great Artist of a door that could take us to a new reality even though we are walking on the same earth. God’s beloved Door. His only Son. Given to us that we might escape this present evil world, as Paul said.

A parallel reality for man to live in on earth so that man could have unbroken fellowship with Him. The return of the Garden of Eden. For the Eden was guarded by the flaming swords of the Cherubim blocking the way to the Tree of Life. Those same Cherubim God had Moses embroider on the thick, heavy veil of the temple to the Holy of Holies because God knew that one day He would tear that veil from top to bottom in two pieces, opening the veil, opening the door, to heaven itself and to the Tree of Life which is Christ. In the tearing of the veil the Cherubim stood aside and for the first time since Eden, allowed access to another world. Another garden. The real garden of which the first was but a picture.

A parallel reality in the Spirit where His love is experienced every second and His peace and His joy fills us in this hidden place. This place He prepared for us in Himself in three days. This secret place of the Most High. This place in the beloved Son. As the apostle Paul wrote, “For you have died with Christ on the cross and your life in Him, the resurrected and ascended One, is now hidden with Him inside of God.”

Jesus said, “If it were not so, I would have told you.”

James Barron


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Grace and peace be multiplied to you, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, according to the revelation you see and believe.

I am taking a break from teaching for several reasons, one of which is to spend more time writing my first book on the mystery of Christ and His finished work of grace. I will post each Sunday a message from the audio archives that I pray will encourage you and impart His life to you. Please pray for me as I gather my thoughts for this book. The book begins with an “Open Letter to the Saints” where I share my heart about the state of the church as I see it. The first chapter is entitled “Grace in Exile.”

I know the Spirit will guide me in the writing of these great and mighty things of Christ Jesus, even the deep things of God. Great is the mystery of our own death and resurrection in Jesus and our union with God Himself by the Spirit! Great is the lovingkindness of the Lord and His tender mercy toward us! Awesome is His amazing grace!

Feel free to email me if you like at:

It would be great to hear from you. It is a great encouragement to me when I hear from saints literally from around the world who have received His light and His life from these teachings concerning Jesus and His finished work. Perhaps you have something in particular that you would like me to address in the book.

Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. God is for you and not against you and if God be for you, what or who can be against you? No weapon formed against you will prosper. Your righteousness is the Lord Himself and He is your shield and exceeding great reward!

In His love forever,