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Three Huge Lies About Law, Grace, and Aliens

Posted in Blog Entry on July 3rd, 2012 by James Barron – Be the first to comment

Paul tells us that we should not be unaware of Satan’s schemes and strategies.  Paul wrote to the Corinthians saying that Satan can “appear” as an angel of light and his ministers “appear” as ministers of righteousness.  Jesus taught His disciples to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

Three huge lies promoted by the darkness are out there in this world and they relate to a view of the Law, a definition of Grace and a theory about Aliens from other worlds.  All three lies have as their goal to destroy faith in Jesus.  The enemy knows that the shield of faith will quench every missile of darkness and that faith in Jesus is the victory that overcomes the world.  So his strategy is to replace faith with something else thus destroying faith.

The first lie relates to a view of the Law.  Satan tried to obtain the body of Moses (Jude 9) so that he could have a place on earth where people of all religions would come to honor the law-giver and the law.  He wanted a shrine to Moses to promote the law.  The law is the weapon of first choice of Satan.  He knows, unlike many believers, that the law is the strength of sin, as Paul taught.  That’s why Jesus “disarmed” the powers of darkness by nailing the law itself on the cross itself, Paul tells us in his letter to the Colossians.  He took the law out of the way through His death.  His death was the judgment of the whole world because the whole world had transgressed the law of God.

The Satanic secret is that Satan is persuading people, unbelievers and believers, to try to keep God’s laws in order for them to be righteous.  The secret of God is that He is trying to persuade people to believe that He has already kept all the laws for us through Jesus!

The second lie involves a distorted definition of Grace, and it comes in two flavors.  The first flavor is the teaching that God’s grace can be accessed only by faith plus obedience to commandments, or works.  Faith plus works gets you God’s grace.  Paul taught in Romans that this kind of grace is not grace at all.  

The lie about grace also comes in another flavor and it is a teaching that says that a gift of faith is part of the definition of grace.  In other words, God believes for the believer so that it’s all of grace and even the faith of the believer is not really from the believer but from God.  The problem with this thinking is huge and far-reaching.  This teaching says that God only gives this gift of faith to a certain few, called the elect, and He withholds this gift of faith to all others thus sending them all to hell.  It’s pagan fatalism disguised as an intellectually stimulating view of Scripture.

The Scripture is clear that God is not willing that any person perish but that all would believe His good news.  John wrote that Jesus died not only for the sins of the believer but for the sins of the whole world.  Jesus wept over Jerusalem saying “I would” but “you would not” let me save you!  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have eternal life!

The truth is God has given every human being the gift of the ability to believe.  Every human being has this gift from God. Animals, birds and fish don’t believe.  They respond to stimulus.  They learn.  They have instincts.  But they do not have the ability to believe.  Neither do plants.  Man is made in the image of God and the ability to believe is a God thing.  God sees what is not and calls it into being.  That’s how faith works in man too.  As birds were made to fly in the sky and fish were made to swim in the water, so has God made man to believe and live in the unseen realm of the Spirit, calling those things that are not as if they were!  So anyone can be forgiven, they need only believe and exercise the God-given gift of an ability to believe.  

The true definition of grace or “pure grace” is God giving Himself to us, His righteousness and His life, through Christ, in a union made possible only by the gift of His Spirit and that gift of His Spirit is given freely when we simply believe.

The third lie is about Aliens.  As someone said, the lie about aliens has been incubating for decades in books, movies and so-called “eye witnesses.”  The lie is that there is no God and that the human race was engineered by a superior alien life form millions of years ago.  One day they will return to earth to see how we have evolved or perhaps we will go to them and find our creators in deep space in a galaxy far, far away.

More and more people, especially the youth, are embracing this lie, replacing the old-fashioned lie of Darwin’s evolution with a new lie that’s more hip.  Paul said that in the latter years a strong delusion would come on the earth and those who would not receive the love of God that is revealed in the truth of the finished work of Christ will believe a lie and perish.

Those three lies about Law, Grace and Aliens seek to destroy simple faith in Jesus and many, unbelievers and believers, have adopted those lies, or some of them, as their own personal view.  The prophet Isaiah foretold of a time when gross darkness would cover the earth in the thinking of men, but that those who believe would arise and shine and present a stark contrast to the madness around them.  Jesus is the light of the world and those who follow Him will not walk in the dark lies of the enemy but have the light of life!  His life!  His freedom!  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

- James Barron