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The Mystery of Christ

Posted in Blog Entry on November 22nd, 2013 by James Barron – 2 Comments

God’s ways are not our ways. He works in the invisible and within man to manifest in the visible and outwardly His reality to man. The circumcision of the heart is an amazing reality that Jesus accomplished for us through His death. The separation of the body of our flesh from our invisible inner man (soul and spirit) is a great mystery and the key part of that mystery involves a separation of the invisible inner man from the power of sin and even sin itself which remains in our members (our physical body). God quarantined sin in the body, a thing of this creation (the body). The body will die because of this sin and flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

God also raised the inner man from spiritual death (or separation from Himself) and created a new person (now born from above) by virtue of His joining of Himself to us in a perfect union. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, a new creation not of earth but from heaven. The new man is an amazing reality that Jesus accomplished for us through His resurrection. The mystery of being born from above and made new from the loins of a new Adam not from the dust of the earth is great.

Through the gift of the Spirit we are brought into union with Jesus and therefore with the Father. The Spirit is given to make all this possible experientially and actually simply because a person believes that Jesus, the Son of God, took away all sin by His death and completely reconciled him or her to God. Jesus has actually made us righteous forever. We are now the sons and daughters of God Himself and all that this implies. Great is the mystery of our godliness and great is the love of our Father who delights to call us His children!

- James Barron