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There is a Door. A Door that opens to another place where you will find true life, true peace and true joy within. There is another reality you can experience now while the world around you is going mad. While the world is calling good evil and calling evil good. There is a love that you can feel all the time. Feel. All the time. No exceptions. Because He is love.

This is the good news of the Kingdom within. Another reality in the Spirit. Paul clearly writes about the believer being “translated from one kingdom to another kingdom” and from one realm to another realm.
You rarely, if ever, hear this view taught and yet Jesus spoke like this saying “I am the Door.”

One of the profound mysteries of the kingdom of heaven is the fact that it is a parallel reality to be experienced now in this world in the Spirit.
It is referred to as the “good news of the kingdom of the beloved Son” because it is incredibly good news! We can literally escape the madness around us in this world and enjoy the fellowship of the Father and the Son! This is not just a theory or wishful thinking, it is real.

Jesus lived in that other realm as He walked among us. It explains His peace. His vision. His words. He came to reconcile all mankind to the Father so that we could follow Him to the Father beyond the veil! The habitat of the new creation is the realm from which he or she came. New Jerusalem ab ove is our mother, the apostle Paul tells us. We are drawn to our mother without effort because that is where we are from!

This is the real meaning of the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus proclaimed! He said it was at hand (here now in time and not just a future reality) and that it was near (here close and accessible now and not far away in heaven above). Jesus said, “Repent (or change your mind)! The Kingdom of Heaven is here now and near now! It is in Me and it shall be in you! For the Kingdom of Heaven does not come like men think. It shall be within you.”

“I am the Door,” Jesus said. The only door that opens to the Father.

A parallel reality “in the Spirit” is on the other side of that door.

If you are born of the Spirit then you are always in the Spirit. Always. If you are not born of the Spirit then you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus said. Our minds are being renewed to understand this new parallel reality in Christ. We have truly become the dwelling place of God! We in Jesus and Jesus in us. Where He is, so are we also. Where we are, so is He also.

We do not always walk in the Spirit but we always live in the Spirit, as Paul said to the Galatians, “If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit.” Walking in the Spirit is a function of revelation of the things of the Spirit and faith. We go from faith to greater faith and from His glory being manifested in our lives to a greater manifestation of His glory in our lives.

A parallel reality. A Door where we can go in and out and find pasture while walking on this earth. A hidden place where we find food to eat that those who serve the physical tabernacle (the copies of the heavenly things and not the heavenly things themselves) or those who worship the god of humanism know nothing about.

He has opened a door that cannot be shut and shut a door that cannot be opened! The door of law and flesh has been shut and the door of grace and Spirit has been opened. This is the awesome glad news of the Kingdom of Heaven that swept through cities and turned the world upside down! Jesus reconciled the whole world to the Father so that whosoever would believe on Jesus would receive the complete forgiveness of all sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit which would carry them to His realm and out of the realm of the darkness in this world so that where He is they may be also. The Father in the Son and the Son in the Father, and now for all who believe, the Son in the believer and the believer in the Son.

You see this in type and shadow all through the scriptures. We see it foreshadowed in the exodus of Israel from the land of Egypt through a miraculous “door” in the parting of the Red Sea because the judgment of God “passed over” them through the blood of the lamb on the door. It was the “door” where the blood was placed symbolizing an escape from one place to another place. Through a door. From the land of bondage or Egypt to the land of freedom or to Israel, the land flowing with milk and honey!

Giants in the land speak of the parallel reality of a fallen world even as we live and walk in the land of promise which is Christ Jesus. Through faith we possess what has already been given to us in Christ. We enjoy more and more of “who we are in Him” as our minds are renewed by the Spirit to the things of the Spirit and to the thoughts of God.

I really believe most of the church has missed this whole thing about the kingdom just like it has missed it about law and grace. In fact, seeing the grace of God and the finished work of Jesus is the reason we can see more of what is real. The veil remains when we are stuck on law but when we see that all law has been fulfilled in Jesus then the veil is removed and we see heavenly things as we are able to receive them.

We see past the copies of the heavenly things and see the heavenly things themselves. When you see that Jesus was bringing this new world to earth in the Spirit, this new reality, then His words come alive with meaning. Having Him as a door whereby we go in and out to find pasture in a fallen world is truly amazing and ingenious.

We see it foreshadowed even in the very beginning in Noah’s Ark and the flood of the earth. There was a world full of evil and if you walked through “the door” of the Ark, after some rain and floating around and finally resting on dry land, you could walk through that same door to another world where there was no evil, so to speak. And yet it was the same earth. Same mountains but no evil with a rainbow glistening above in the blue sky as a symbol of God’s mercy. The first time rainbows had ever been seen on earth.

All of this was a picture painted by the Great Artist of a door that could take us to a new reality even though we are walking on the same earth. God’s beloved Door. His only Son. Given to us that we might escape this present evil world, as Paul said.

A parallel reality for man to live in on earth so that man could have unbroken fellowship with Him. The return of the Garden of Eden. For the Eden was guarded by the flaming swords of the Cherubim blocking the way to the Tree of Life. Those same Cherubim God had Moses embroider on the thick, heavy veil of the temple to the Holy of Holies because God knew that one day He would tear that veil from top to bottom in two pieces, opening the veil, opening the door, to heaven itself and to the Tree of Life which is Christ. In the tearing of the veil the Cherubim stood aside and for the first time since Eden, allowed access to another world. Another garden. The real garden of which the first was but a picture.

A parallel reality in the Spirit where His love is experienced every second and His peace and His joy fills us in this hidden place. This place He prepared for us in Himself in three days. This secret place of the Most High. This place in the beloved Son. As the apostle Paul wrote, “For you have died with Christ on the cross and your life in Him, the resurrected and ascended One, is now hidden with Him inside of God.”

Jesus said, “If it were not so, I would have told you.”

James Barron