The Place

July 29th, 2019 § 0

It has always been about a “place” for God and man to be together. Eden was the prototype. The promised land for Israel was another picture. God said to Israel that He had “prepared a place for them, a place full of milk and honey.” God told Moses there is a “place” by Me where you can see my glory and He placed him in the cleft of a rock, a picture of Jesus.

Finally we see the reality when Jesus said I go to prepare “a place for you” that where I am, you may be also. That place is in essence in Himself. By being in Him we are now where He is. He has prepared for us a city. A place. And now in the Spirit we have access to that place. Mount Zion. Seated with Him now in “heavenly places.” That we might be with Him and He with us.

Seeing there is a Door to another world in Him as a fixed reality is very important. Heaven on earth within us has come through the gift of the Spirit just as He promised. He began His ministry on earth by declaring that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand and within reach.

The apostle Paul said we have been translated from this kingdom of darkness and placed in the kingdom of the beloved Son now. This understanding is key to being established in grace. Once we begin to see more and more how we are literally in a different world in Him it becomes easier to not be moved by the false legalistic teachings being championed in much of the church today or the swirling winds and storms of adversity in this fallen world. In the “secret place” of the Most High we are safe.

This is how Jesus lived on earth. He constantly referred to this world when speaking to men as “your world” because He lived with the awareness that He was not from this world but rather from Heaven. Even so now we can say the same.

Jesus said of His disciples, “They are not of this world, even as I am not of this world.”

James Barron

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