The Unjust Steward

shalom :)
would you please share with me how you view Luke 16:1-13? (the unjust steward)
Thank you for sharing and teaching about God’s love. I’m very grateful God brought us to you.

- Curious Saint


Thanks for your question and words of encouragement. Glad the teachings on are blessing you.

Briefly, this is what I see Jesus teaching in His parable about the unjust steward. In the parable, the owner praises the unjust steward, not for his dishonesty and theft of the owner’s property, but for his shrewdness.

The steward used money to bless people, the customers of the owner, by discounting their bill and thereby saving them tons of money. He knew he was about to get fired by the owner so he used the owner’s money to bless a lot of people so that when he was out on the street without a job he would have lots of friends who would help him out too.

Jesus said the sons of the darkness are wiser than the sons of the light because the sons of the light should use money and material things of this world to bless people so that they become not just friends, like with the unjust steward, but so they might come to see the goodness of God in a believer’s generosity and believe on Jesus. When they become believers, they are then brothers and sisters, now a part of the eternal family of God and they will welcome us in heaven, into eternal dwellings, when we pass from this temporary world and life.

I see the reality of this truth almost every week. I will be moved by God to give a gift to someone who is not a believer. It could be money, tickets to a game, gift card to a restaurant, etc. and they will be amazed that someone would do that for them. Then at the right time, I will speak of God’s love and what Jesus accomplished, and they are all ears. Seeds are planted and God will water and give the increase. As Jesus said, “a man cannot serve two masters.” Don’t serve money but serve God and use money to show his goodness to people in random and Spirit-led acts of kindness. I have lived like this for years by God’s grace and He has always given me a generous supply for my needs and my family’s needs and for giving away to bless others.

Use money and the things of this world to bless unbelievers (as well as believers) and they will listen intently when you tell them of God’s love in Jesus.


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