The Stone Has Been Rolled Away

Jesus died saying, “It is finished!” He saw you. He saw me. He saw all sin being removed from you and me forever. That is why He came to us. That is why He died. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! Behold the Lamb!

Jesus was laid in a tomb after He died and a great stone covered the tomb. But three days later, the stone was rolled away. Jesus was not in the tomb. He rose from the dead! The power of His Life rolled away the stone! His Life!

The law was written on stone. Our hearts were as stone. But a new day has dawned with Him, and law and death has been rolled away and a New Creation arises with Him, never to die again! Never to be separated from the love of God again! Never again!

Never again! Behold the dawning of a new day! Behold the eternal morning! Behold the face of the Son of God. Believe only and rest!

The stone that God rolled away, the law and death, was replaced with another Stone. The Chief Corner Stone! Of which the builders (Pharisees) rejected! And whosoever shall trust in that Stone shall not be disappointed!

- James Barron

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