The Last Day

“For it will be a unique day which is known to the Lord, neither day nor night, but it will come about that at evening time there will be light.” Zechariah 14:7

It will be like any other ordinary day, yet it will be after a time of many days when great stress and fear reigns in the world among those who do not know Him. His people will have a growing sense inwardly of something wonderful coming. Many believers will not know why they feel this.

On the last day the sky will change. It will appear as the color of a beautiful sunset with golden clouds and red streaks and light blue. It will feel like the ending of a day. This sky will appear all over the world at the same time. Those in the night will see the sky lighten and those in bright noon day light will see the sky soften as if the day is coming to an end.

Then believers will have a strange feeling inside them. It will be like a tingling feeling and it will come from the chest area. Then there will be a feeling of great joy. Unexplainably great joy. Then the tingling feeling will expand and go to the head and the arms and the legs. Until the whole body is fully aware of something wrapping around the body, yet invisible. Then we will know. We will look up instinctively and the sky will seem to burst as fireworks with glorious colors and streaks and a loud sound as a million trumpets and horns are heard! The sound is angelic and not of this world!

As the majestic and awesome sound of the unseen realm fills the earth, the sky will roll back and behind the golden sky, as in a sunset, we will see into the unseen realm like never before! We will see a light that is so bright that the sun’s light looks dirty compared to it and this bright, clear light does not hurt the eyes of the believers. Those that do not know Him will begin to scream and wail and the light will hurt their eyes. We will see millions of angels in array in this bright light as in a stadium, rows and rows of angels. In the center of the angels we will see a single man with fire all around Him. It will be Jesus.

Then the tingling feeling will intensify the moment our eyes see Jesus and our physical bodies will dissolve and we will rise upward and upward without fear. We will become aware that our bodies have suddenly become new and immortal and very strong. The physical change is sudden, in the twinkling of an eye. From mortal body to immortal body.

We will see the earth below catching fire everywhere as the creation itself begins to melt with fervent heat. But we shall be engulfed by sweet breezes and the bright light of the unseen realm. Millions will arise to where Jesus is descending in bright, gleaming clouds all around Him. The music heard is like nothing ever heard on earth. Imagine the Hallelujah Chorus but 1,000 times better! And He shall reign forever and ever!

The love that fills us is amazing. The joy is full and never ending. Everything old is being dissolved and all things are now becoming new all around us. There are no words to describe it. There are no words. Then we shall see Him face to face up close. It will be as if He is only looking at you. It will be as though we have always known Him and that He has always known us. His eyes are the eyes of a lover and friend. He smiles big and it is just indescribable the love that fills us! We are home!

James Barron

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