Look Up To The Sky

January 9th, 2017 § 0

The Gospels record that Jesus would often look up to the sky to pray to the Father or just rejoice with the Father. What did Jesus see in the blue skies and white clouds? Why would the Son of God find great pleasure in looking up to the skies? He looked up during the day but also at night. He gazed at the stars at night too. He looked at the same moon you and I see. Think about that. Jesus looked at the moon in the evening just like you and I. Same moon. Same stars. Same blue sky.

Why is this important? There is a reason why Jesus looked up to the skies above this earth.

When was the last time you looked up? When was the last time you stood in your driveway and stared at the magnificent stars twinkling above in the dark night sky before you went inside your home after a hard days work? When did you last look during the day at the majestic white clouds towering over you in the blue skies? Look up to the sky and ponder these things. To look up is a powerful thing for your spirit.

God made the visible to “reflect” the “invisible” to our spirit! Directly to our spirit. Directly. Bypassing the mind. Those who are born of Him receive His light from creation instantly to their inner man. It is an unexplainable insight into His love.

This is why people who do not yet know Him seek the outdoors and the awesome views of creation. This is why people love to look at mountains and streams and forests. This why they love to look at the stars. Many people hear His call when they look at His awesome creation but do not know that it is Him calling. He loves them. He made it all for them. He calls them.

When we look up to the skies we see how big He is and all our problems seem so small. It’s true. He is bigger than all our problems. Look up to the sky and see Him afresh. Look up to the sky!

James Barron

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