The Amazing Final Truth That Changes Everything

People are always trying to improve themselves and that is a good thing. But much of the effort goes nowhere and even when there is some improvement, it can be an empty victory because there is no joy in it or no lasting spiritual value in the change.

The key to real change is seeing that a new creation has come. That changes everything. This is huge. The wisdom of this world is focused on trying to improve the old creation but since there is a new creation, all that “wisdom” is useless. Those who try to analyze the natural mind in order to help people be better people are wasting their time and the time of those who think that is the answer.

Religion is blind to the new creation. So is Psychology. They both are branches from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Two branches from the same tree.

Jesus said that when the leaders are blind and they seek to lead the blind, then they both shall fall into the ditch. They both miss it and it is a mess. Many preachers seem to think they need to get believers saved or “right with God” every Sunday. Because they do not “see” that the work of Jesus brings a rest because His work of union with Himself is finished.

We are in Him and He is in us and as He is so are we in this world now, if we are believers. All that remains for the believer is a gradual renewing of the mind to a spiritual understanding of what “already is” and the final redemption of the body, upon leaving the body, when the mortality of the body shall put on the immortality of a son or daughter of God. With the renewal of the mind the new creation is manifested as we put on the deeds of the new man.

To see the new creation requires a revelation by the Spirit of God and faith. Religion has neither and Psychology has no clue. The truth is in the Tree of Life. The heavenly tree. Jesus Himself.

The truth has been there all along. We just could not see it. Jesus said if we continue with Him that eventually we would come to know the truth. The truth that can set all people free, if they will believe. The unbeliever has no part in this.

We are forgiven and Everlasting Love has made us new, just like Him, and together with Him we live now and forever.

That is the amazing final truth that changes everything and brings real change.

James Barron

  1. Rich Wintermantel says:

    James, thanks this is awesome as you would say. It does change everything! Also your teaching on the circumcision of the flesh is so vital which is nothing new–the apostles taught it. I am learning so much from your teachings. Knowing we are in union with Christ allows us to rest in Jesus living through us. Before I did not trust myself to allow Jesus to live through me because either the devil or my flesh would hinder me. The flesh is not me. Thank God!

    Today I got a message on email from Andrew Farley. The message was Jesus our life. It was all about union with Christ. I was wondering if Andrew has listened to you in the past.

    God bless Brother.

    Keep sharing.


  2. James Barron says:

    Rich, thanks for your encouragement brother. You are exactly right about the importance of seeing the circumcision of the flesh. This was foreshadowed in the writings of the prophets with Abraham and all his descendants as a physical act and its true meaning revealed in the death and resurrection of Jesus by the apostles. In the death of Jesus is the death of the old man who is of the Adamic race and in the resurrection of Jesus is the creation of a new man joined to God. When a person believes on Jesus for the forgiveness of all their sin, God supernaturally, by His own hand, cuts away the body of our flesh and creates within our body a new person at the moment the Holy Spirit is joined to our human spirit. This great mystery is only comprehended by revelation of the Holy Spirit of God. We believers are truly born from above and are no longer from below. No longer from the fallen Adamic race of men but now the sons and daughters of God from heaven.

    We can trust the life of Christ in us to live through us and show us all these things that belong to Jesus and now to us in Jesus. Believers do not have two natures for we have been made a partaker of the divine nature in Christ and our old man is dead. The power of sin remains in our mortal body, in our members, but that mystery of iniquity is not who we are anymore. Trying to be righteous by law stimulates the power of sin in our mortal bodies and causes us to stumble at times but we are not at war with ourselves. Our true self is perfect in Christ, a new creation, and as He is so are we now in this world. We grow in the knowledge of Jesus and God’s great love for us through the years and increasingly the deeds of our new man are manifested for all to see that our Father in heaven may be glorified.

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