The Business of Church

September 6th, 2019 § 1

Even though there are great churches and great leaders of churches, too many believers have seen first hand behind the scenes the hypocrisy of the religious business of Christianity in some churches. They have been hurt by churches that are run primarily like a business and a source of income for a few leaders. When these believers needed encouragement they were perhaps neglected because of some moral stumbling or weakness. The business and its income must be protected at all costs. Even if it means the embattled saint must be discarded and shunned.

Churches that are operated primarily like a business usually teach a Gospel that is mixed with law and grace, human wisdom and heavenly wisdom, flesh and spirit. Many believers get burned out sitting under the messages delivered by these leaders. A mixed Gospel will make Christianity feel like just another religion. Believers want “genuine truth.” They are crying out for the “real.” But the real is not being proclaimed widely.

Only in a few places can you hear boldly and clearly how, because of God’s great love for the world, Jesus terminated the entire Adamic race by His death on the cross, took away the sin of the world, released believers from all law, given us the eternal life of God within by His resurrection, created believers new with a new heart, joined us to God Himself, brought us through a Door to another world called the Kingdom of Heaven which is now inside the believer by the Spirit that we might always be with Jesus! Is the church you are a part of teaching these awesome things?

This is the good news that will feed the spiritual hunger in all our hearts. He who goes to Jesus, the real Jesus, will never hunger again nor thirst again. But if he who is in search of the real attaches himself to a church that is primarily a business operation for profit then he will be profoundly disappointed.

James Barron

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  • Judith says:

    Excellent analysis of the state of many established churches. What began as a moving of God’s Spirit among a group of saints, somehow becomes stagnant and predictably bland. A very accurate description of many churches. These kinds of churches become mere social clubs for Christains, which is fine if that is all one wants, and it is good for the brethern to dwell together. But for those who hunger for the real it is like being served crackers and cheese when one longs for a feast. Thanks James.

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