See What You Have Found!

July 22nd, 2021 § 0

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who stumbled on a treasure hidden in a field so he went and sold all he had to raise enough money to buy that field. Or it is like the merchant in search of fine pearls, when he finds a pearl of great value, went and sold all he had to buy that pearl. The Kingdom of Heaven is a new reality that Jesus was bringing to mankind. Heaven on earth by putting Heaven in man by the gift of the Spirit.

It is another reality where a man can live without fear in peace with God and be loved unconditionally. A reality where his sins are no longer being counted against him and all his failures do not disqualify him from a God who is near, even within. This new reality is the treasure that some people stumble over and find by accident and others find while on a quest for it.

Jesus was saying that once you really see what you have found, nothing in this world can be compared to the awesome reality of this new world in Him.

James Barron

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