The Magnificent Door

December 21st, 2021 § 1

The concept of Jesus being our Door now as we live on earth that we might “go in and out” between two realms to find “pasture” or spiritual nourishment is a mind blowing truth that most believers have never been taught.

The message of the Door is in essence the good news of the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus we are forgiven and made righteous and now have access through the Spirit to a whole new world where the love of God is continually shining upon us in this new reality.

In this world we will have trouble but we can be of good cheer for He has overcome this world and carried us by the two wings of the great eagle (the Holy Spirit) to His world where we are nourished in the place He prepared for us in Himself, sitting together with Him in those heavenly places. For we have been translated from the kingdom of this darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son through the Door, the Son Himself.

James Barron

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  • Jonathan Brasiliano says:

    What powerful words! Reading such a powerful message and truth helps us nourish not only our physical body’s but our spiritual body’s as well. Some times we tend to starve our spiritual realm, but with a passage like this. Our spiritual body’s are receiving the proper nourishment for growth.

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