The True Meaning of Easter

And Jesus began to proclaim the arrival of the Kingdom of God, saying, ” Change the way you are thinking (repent) and change how you think about things because another world is here now within reach of all who will believe. My Father’s realm has come. Heaven is here now on on Earth for all who will believe. Those who believe will see the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless you are born from above you cannot see the Kingdom of God, but if you believe in Me you will be born again of the Spirit. This other realm is the Spirit and shall be within you. In this realm called the Kingdom of the beloved Son, sin is no longer counted or remembered, only God’s righteousness is counted and remembered. In this new world is the continual joy and peace of God Himself.” For the Kingdom of God is in the Spirit, within you. There you will find righteousness, peace, and His joy. And now, in union with Jesus, all that He is and has is yours. In Him, in this other world you have His righteousness His peace and His joy. He who has received this abundant grace and the gift of His righteousness shall reign in His life and on this Earth. As Jesus said, “I leave with you my peace and my joy, not as this world gives but the peace and joy that I have in Me apart from this world. In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer for I have overcome this world and I have translated you from this world into My world, into my Kingdom. My righteousness is your righteousness. This is the incredible glad tidings and good news of the Kingdom of Heaven to all who believe on Me.”

- James Barron

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